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Kasim Kabbara is a multi-faceted journalist, multimedia creative, scholar, producer, host, and photographer that specializes in storytelling. He endeavors to tell stories authentically whether it’s through his recognizable vibrant videography/photography style, or thought-proven writing work, Kasim wants people to see art the way they see fit.


Kasim self-taught himself videography and photography as a sophomore in college at THE University of Texas at Austin. He did so to cultivate a platform for himself and others dedicated to the visibility of Black & Afro-Latinx communities through his artistry and research topics.


Kasim is skilled at communicating via words and imagery with a rare ability to connect with all audiences. His work aims to reinvent notions of creativity and confidence within Black Culture. Kasim received his Master's in Journalism in 2021 at Georgetown University. Previously, Kasin has worked with ABC News, Today Show, Dallas Morning News, Power 106 Radio Station, and Matador Content.


Everyone deserves to tell their story! Kasim believes that creating and/or assisting others to create their narratives through pictures and words will help bridge the liberation we want to see in our world! As our world rapidly becomes a digital Landscape, Kasim wants to make sure our cultural impact doesn’t get lost in that timeline.


A proud Dallas, TX native, Kasim is a University of Texas at Austin Alumni who graduated with an African & African American Diaspora Studies Degree with a Minor in Radio/TV/Film. His interests include trying new restaurants, listening to upcoming Hip-Hop/R&B artists, and dominating his friends in 2K.


Kasim hopes to work with you one day and make your visuals and ideas come to life.


Until then, Take Care!

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